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The Hun’s Yellow Pages

December 1, 2011

Today I’m going to look at one of the great grand-daddies of the internet porn world; The Hun’s Yellow Pages. The Hun has been been kicking around for well over ten years and in all that time hasn’t updated it’s look at all. It’s a cheesy slice of what the web was like in the 90s; think flat link lists, dodgy logos and viagra banner adverts. It’s debatable what would be more embarrassing being caught looking at porn or being caught looking at something as retro kitch as The Hun. It follows a pretty basic model of hosting sample image and video galleries for various (predominantly) paid sites around the web. Each day you get in the order of a hundred sample galleries to look through. As you might expect the majority are pretty mainstream but there is nearly always some kink, the odd lady boy a bit of plumper porn and many other more outre galleries lurking in the links.

If your too lazy or too short on time to sort your way through a hundred odd links The Hun does provide you with a couple of useful elements. First you get a set of previews of the previous day’s top rated galleries; though of course this is only really useful if you are not looking for anything niche. Perhaps more useful is the search tool to sort through the extensive archives which very nicely presents you with a set of thumbnail previews of the sample galleries that match your search terms rather than just a flat list of links.

While there are a lot of sample galleries to look through the experience is of a broad but shallow type where the galleries pique the interest but don’t really have enough content to be satisfying. If you were being crude you might call The Hun a bit of a cock tease. Still tempting the viewer into breaking out their credit card in order to see a bit more is presumably how the site keeps itself online.

All in all The Hun is always worth a look to see if there’s anything new and exciting on there but think of it like a finger food buffet – plenty to sample but you may find yourself ultimately unsatisfied.

You can find The Hun at


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